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Bikestation to Retro Row


TYPE OF RIDE  |  Leisure 

DISTANCE  |  5 miles round trip 


Setting off from The BikeStation, head east on East 1st Street.  After just two blocks this will take you into the East Village Art District, with it’s small galleries, restaurants and shops.  After leaving East Village go two blocks to Alamitos and take a quick jog right at Alamitos and then a quick left to stay on 1st street. A designated bike lane will take you through one of Long Beach’s most beloved residential streets. You will peddle past classic craftsman homes, as well as deco influenced apartment complexes. Ride slow enough to take in the amazing architecture!

Keep on riding down E 1st Street for 1.4 miles to Bixby Park. At Bixby Park take a left on Junipero.  This will take you up to 4th street and the east end of Retro Row.  Just before getting to Retro Row/4th street, you may want to take a short detour into Carol Park, and area of historic homes and charming winding streets.  After detouring into the neighborhood return to Junipero and complete your short jaunt to Retro Row.

Once to Retro Row be sure to stop and take advantage of the numerous great shops, restaurants and coffee shops. You might also want to check out the Art Theater in the heart of Retro Row.

To return to the BikeStation and downtown Long Beach you can retrace your route…or continue west on 4th Street all the way to downtown.  4th street is a busier than the streets you used to get here…but it does have sharrows…and very polite drivers.  Once you get into the downtown area go left on the Linden…which will take you back to 1st Street and the East Village.  Go right on first street back to the transit mall…and the BikeStation. Note…it is illegal to ride on the Transit Mall…and you can get a ticket. We advise walking your bike on the sidewalk when on the transit mall.




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