Trial Run of the Daisy Bike Boulevard

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Bus at 25th

Members of Long Beach Public Works, the 7th Council District, and the Wrigley Area Neighborhood Association, in partnership with Long Beach Transit, recently conducted a test run along the planned Bike Boulevard on Daisy Avenue. The Daisy Bike Boulevard, which was made possible through a grant from Metro, runs along the same path as the Wrigley Christmas Tree Lane Parade.

In response to concerns that trash trucks and Christmas Parade floats would not be able to navigate traffic circles on Daisy, a Long Beach Transit bus was driven along a segment of the future Daisy Bike Boulevard. Traffic Circles were marked with cones in their planned locations on Daisy Avenue at 25th Street, Burnett Street, and Hill Street.

Navigating Burnett

During the test, the bus (which is over ten feet longer than the city’s trash trucks and fire engines) easily traveled around all three circles. Through traffic was also observed traveling at lower speeds because of the traffic circles.

 This trial run was conducted to provide assurance that Public Works designs traffic circles with all vehicles in mind. The circles exist to calm traffic, making the road a safer place for all users – whether they are riding a bike, a minivan, a trash truck, or a parade float.

The Daisy Bike Boulevard Project is nearing the end of its design process and construction should begin in early 2015.


Hill Street

Engineers review design details at the Daisy and Hill traffic circle as a trash truck drives past.

3 responses to “Trial Run of the Daisy Bike Boulevard”

  1. jennintheyarden says:

    So glad a traffic circle is planned for Daisy and Hill! Thanks for listening to public comment, Planners!

  2. Eladio Estrada says:

    I am a Wrigley resident and I can’t wait for Daisy Ave. to become bike friendly street and for vehicles to be more respectful when it comes to observing the speed limit. Thank you for the communication and your support.

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