Connect with public transit to expand your travel options and leave the car at home! 

Public transit buses and light rail services provide convenient access for bicycle riders. From easy-to-use bike racks on Long Beach Transit buses to relaxed bike policies aboard Metro trains and bike storage, taking your bike instead of driving to make short connections not only saves time and money, but it’s healthier and more fun.

LONG BEACH TRANSIT  |  Taking your bike on a Long Beach Transit bus is simple. Just pay your regular fare, show your bike rack pass and load your bicycle in the rack on the front of the bus for free. If your bike is a folding bike, you may bring it onboard. The Long Beach Transit System Map can be viewed here. 

Long Beach Transit suggests that you keep these guidelines in mind:

  • 1) You must be 10 years or older to use the bike rack, or be accompanied by an adult
  • 2) You are responsible for your bike and its safe loading and unloading
  • 3) Don’t forget you have a bike with you when you get off at your stop. New riders often do!

Throughout Long Beach, you can bike to many bus stops and lock your bike at a nearby bike rack before boarding the bus. Phone (562) 591-2301 for bike rack locations. You can also park your bike in a fully secured area at the Transit Mall at Bikestation. * If you forget your bike on a bus, please call Long Beach Transit at: (562) 591-8753.

BIKES ON BUSES   |  The Bikes on Buses program is also simple. Just pay your regular fare and you can load your bicycle in the rack on the front of the bus for free. All the bike racks have simple instructions posted on them. The bicycle racks are designed to hold each bicycle separately in place by a spring-loaded clamp.

LOS ANGELES METROPOLITAN TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY (METRO)  |  Metro Rail welcomes cyclists and bikes are allowed to board trains at all times. However, trains are often crowded and space for bikes is limited, especially during rush hours. Please follow Metro’s simple rules:

– Your bike must not block the doorway of the train operator.
– Allow other passengers to exit and enter the train first.
– You must use elevators or stairs – not escalators – and always walk your bike.
– You cannot ride a bike or other wheeled device on the platform or in the station; they must always be walked.
– Tandem or 3-wheeled bikes are not allowed.
– If an arriving train is crowded, you must wait for a train with available room.
– Fuel-powered vehicles are never allowed on trains.
– While on a train, you must hold onto the bike and the kickstand must always be up.
– Keep your bike as clean as possible and take care not to brush your bike against others.
– Bicyclists under 14-years-old must be accompanied by an adult.
– In an evacuation, leave your bike on the train; do not let it block aisles or doors.
– Failure to obey rules may result in you receiving a citation.
– If you should find that you have forgotten your bike on a train, please contact LA Metro at: (323) 937-8920.
➤ Learn more about taking bikes on Metro buses.

METROLINK TRAINS  |  Bringing a bike on a train is simple. Just pay your regular fare and secure your bicycle in the designated area using the Velcro straps provided. Please remember that only two bicycles are allowed per car and that the conductor may require a bicyclist to move to a different car or wait for another train due to crowding .

Learn more about taking your bikes on Metro trains or call (213) 808-LINK.

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