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Results of the 2013 Bike Count

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12th November

The City conducted its Sixth Annual Bike Count in October. Sixty-five volunteers were stationed at 23 locations around the city to count bicyclists and pedestrians. Nearly 5,000 cyclists and over 11,000 pedestrians were recorded during the 6-hour bike count.


Over the past six years, the City has consistently used eleven locations to gauge the changes in cycling year over year. Those original eleven feature different types of infrastructure, including bike paths, bike lanes, metro stations, sharrow lanes, and unstriped bike routes. Because of the consistent data collected over the past six years, those sites have served as a reference point that allowed the city to track increases in the number of pedestrians and cyclists in Long Beach. In 2013 volumes increased 3% at these eleven locations from 2012 and 45% from 2008.

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Volunteers Needed – 2013 Long Beach Bike Count

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10th September

The City of Long Beach held its 6th Annual Bike Count on October 17th and 20th, 2013. In our quest to become the most bike friendly city in America, Long Beach has been collecting data on cyclist behavior and traffic volumes annually since 2008. With five years of data already collected, Long Beach’s database is one of the longest-running and most consistent in the nation.

The most impressive statistic about Long Beach’s Bike Counts – they have all been conducted by volunteers!

Long Beach not only possesses a growing network of bike routes and shops, but the city is also home to a vibrant, involved, and informed cycling community. The city is asking that community to once again spend a few hours counting cyclists and pedestrians.

You can sign up through Long Beach State’s website at this link:


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