Spring & Orange Backbone Project

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Long Beach Public Works and Development Services are currently conducting outreach for new bicycle facilities on Spring Street and Orange Avenue. The two facilities will form the “backbone” of the bike network, spanning the entire city from east to west, north to south, and connect many of the city’s existing bikeways. Expect to see city staff with project maps, asking for community input at upcoming events. Most recently, city engineers and planners were at the Beach Streets University event sharing the following preliminary conceptual renderings for the project and frequently asked questions:

Why is Spring Street being selected for bike improvements?

The proposed Spring Street Bikeway is part of a larger strategy to construct bikeways in the City as a result of the Bicycle Master Plan, adopted by City Council in February 2017. Routes selected were determined by community input received during plan development, which included over 450 survey responses and feedback from over 25 in-person events. Through this process, Spring Street was selected as a near-term implementation priority and to be part of the city’s “Backbone Network”.

What is the Backbone Network?

The Backbone Network stretches across the city, connecting dozens of miles of existing bike lanes, connecting to bike paths along the Los Angeles River to the west and the Coyote Creek to the east, and connecting to the Beach Bike Path and separated bikeways in both Uptown and Downtown. These projects will form the backbone of the city’s bike network with convenient, safe, and connected routes throughout the city.


Why was Spring Street chosen for the City’s backbone network?

Spring Street runs continuously across the city, forming a key east-west route for the backbone network. It provides important connections to other bikeways and destinations like river trails, transit lines, shopping centers, and schools.

What type of bike improvements are we expecting to be installed on Spring Street?

Similar to other bikeways proposed throughout the city, bikeways on Spring Street will largely be physically separated from cars and pedestrians. Protected intersections benefiting bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists will be included alongside the bikeway improvements.

Illustration of a proposed protected intersection treatment at Spring Street and Palo Verde Avenue

Proposed buffered bike lanes under the LGB Airport runway

What is a protected intersection?

Protected intersections use expanded pedestrian areas and concrete-curbed bikeways to improve sightlines for everyone at the intersection. They shorten crossing distances for pedestrians, reducing the amount of time people must walk in the roadway.

How will transit be impacted by the project?

The project will feature bus improvements along Spring Street that expand bus stop areas and reduce delays that buses experience when departing stops.

How will the City pay for this project?

City staff plans on applying for grant funding from the State’s Active Transportation Program in spring 2018. Your input gives the city a leg up when requesting funds for this project.

When will the new protected bike lanes and other roadway improvements be installed?

Assuming that funding is received in 2018, projects of this scale typically require 3-4 years for design and environmental clearance. Expect to ride these bike lanes in 2022!

Cyclists on the bikeway on Broadway

I never bike. Will my driving commute be impacted?

A similar project was completed downtown on Third Street and Broadway. Applying lessons learned from that project, motorists on Spring Street will be 22% less likely to experience a collision. Vehicle speeds will be reduced; it will take 2 extra minutes along Spring Street to get from Long Beach Memorial Hospital to the Orange County line.

Where can I find more information about the Spring Street project and other upcoming bicycle projects?

You can find updates of bicycle-related events, projects, and programs in Long Beach here on the Bike Long Beach website, and can download a copy of the adopted Bicycle Master Plan on the City’s website.


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