Our partners at Metro want everyone to be safe when navigating the streets. That’s why Bike Long Beach has teamed up with transit to create fun and informative ways to share safety messages with both motorists and bicyclists. 

With more than 200 pole banners strategically placed at high-collision areas, school zones, bike infrastructure, as well as  transit and major corridors, our goal is to raise awareness of the increase in bicyclists traveling in our city and the need for both motorists and bicyclists alike to know and follow the rules to be safe. Key messages include Slow When Passing Bicyclists, Walk Your Bike in Business Districts, Same Road, Same Rights and Courtesy Counts.

Local bicyclists and auto-lovers support the Share Our Streets mission, including local luminaries such as Olympic cycling champion, Tony Cruz, LA Port Director Geraldine Knatz and Bernard Serrano of the Cycle Coaster club.

Are you a film lover? Check out Love Letters, the animated PSA series, that demonstrates proper bicycle and road etiquette. In addition to posts on YouTube, Vimeo and the Bike Long Beach website, Love Letters was distributed to more than 75 elementary and middle schools and after school programs.



TIPS FOR A SAFE TRIP  |  California law requires motorists to provide three feet or more distance when passing bicyclists. Learn about other rules of the road for motorists and bicyclists that make roads safer for everyone.



LOVE LETTERS PSA  |  Love Letters addresses the real-world issues of road and bicycle safety through the delightful and engaging medium of stop motion animation designed by award-winning animator, Laura Yilmaz. Follow Auto and Bicycle as they safely share the streets.



THE WHEEL WHISPERER  |  A Share Our Streets Short Film






View the Share Our Streets Toolkit to download the latest SOS items. 


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