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The final planning meeting for the Pacific Avenue Bike Corridor is scheduled for Wednesday January 9 at 7:00 pm at the Expo Center (4321 Atlantic Avenue) in Bixby Knolls. The meeting is designed to get final community input on the portion of the route between Wardlow and San Antonio.

A critical portion of this route is the segment between Wardlow and San Antonio. This section of the route has a proposed:

  • Roundabout at 36th (see diagram below)
  • Circle at Bixby Road
  • Signal at Wardlow.
  • Bike lane on San Antonio

In addition to these proposed additions…sharrows are being proposed on Roosevelt between San Antonio and California.

The has been considerable discussion in the community about the desireability of the light at Wardlow. From the perspective of the bicycling community this is a vital link. Pacific at Wardlow provides the only place to safely cross the 405 and the Blue Line. From the perspective of the community they are concerned about increasing cut through traffic in their neighborhood. Initially there was discussion of the pros and cons of roundabouts and circles…but now they seem to be popular with the community.

Below are the diagrams showing the signal at Wardlow and the roundabout at 36th.

 ….The signal at Wardlow would be configured to help reduce the amount of cut through traffic.

This can be accomplished by allowing only right hand turns on southbound Pacfic at Wardlow and by visibly narrowing the northbound lanes on Pacific as you enter the Los Cerritos Neighborhood.

In addition the signals can be timed to only allow left hand turns from east bound Wardlow onto Pacific at the beginning or end of each light cycle, which should also help reduce cut through traffic.

The park-like roundabout and medians at 36th and the traffic circle at Bixby are also designed to reduce cut through traffic, provide overall traffic calming and enhance the visual character of the street.



















The proposed circle at Bixby and Roundabout at 36th would be similar to those on Vista Street in Belmont Heights.












We look forward to seeing you on the 9th for the community conversation.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


The bike and ped team….

3 responses to “Pacific Avenue Bike Plans – Los Cerritos Area”

  1. Daniel says:

    So, assuming the signal would be placed at Wardlow and Pacific Ave (vs Wardlow and Pacific Pl less than a block west), how exactly will cyclists link up to the rest of the Pacific Ave Bike Corridor all the way to downtown since Pacific Ave south of Wardlow turns into Del Mar Ave leading to Long Beach Blvd?

  2. Richard G. says:

    Why can’t the bicyclists cross Wardlow Road at Pacific Place where there is already a traffic signal?

    The Bike Master Plan shows there is also going to be a bike path all along Wardlow from Santa Fe Avenue to east of Cherry Avenue. Use the bike lane on Wardlow to get from Pacific Avenue to Pacific Place and then go south. This avoids the traffic signal at Pacific Avenue which just will encourage drivers to go through residential Los Cerritos.

    Also, this proposed signal will encourage drivers going west on Spring Street, if stopped by the Blue Line, to cut through to Wardlow on narrow Del Mar Avenue. It isn’t isn’t right to do this to residents living south of Wardlow.

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