Bike Master Plan Approved

February 7, 2017 – The City Council approved the Bicycle Master Plan. It’s time to get to work!


To download the Draft Bike Master Plan, please click here.



 The Bicycle Master Plan serves as a planning document that is used to guide future improvements to the City of Long Beach bicycle network, so that Long Beach can become a model community. 

The Long Beach Bike Master Plan creates the foundation for bicycle-friendly roads and bikeways which will improve the safety and enjoyment of residents and visitors who use a bike in Long Beach. To ensure this document includes ideas from members of the community, we invite you to share your ideas on how you think bicycling could be improved in the city.

The Long Beach Bicycle Master Plan serves as the foundation for creating a more bicycle-friendly City.  The update to the 2001 document includes new goals and objectives to incorporate added bike lanes, bike boulevards, bike facilities; and new signage and bike racks throughout Long Beach.


To download the previous Bicycle Master Plan published in 2001, please click here.

Long Beach Bike Lane

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