Crashes happen. If one happens to you or someone you are riding with, consider the advice provided here.

IN CASE OF A COLLISION  |  Possible injuries are the first concern. If there is any possibility that any party is injured, whether experiencing pain or not, CALL 9-1-1 or ask someone to do so. The caller should remain there to help with communications. Injuries are not always apparent at the scene. It is important to get checked out for any injuries, even those that appear to be minor at the time. Even if the victim feels well enough to ride, schedule a visit to a doctor to confirm that there are no serious internal injuries.

If another driver was involved, exchange details such as his/her address, license plate number, insurance and contact information. If there are any witnesses, get their names and contact information as well. Write down the location and time of the crash. If you have a camera or a phone with one, photograph the site, damages to vehicles and any other details that won’t be there after everyone leaves.

Before getting back on a bike involved in a crash, check it over very carefully for damage or have a qualified mechanic look at it.

Depending on the extent of the damages and injuries, consider getting a police report. Remember, a police report can be filed at any time, and may be needed if you seek compensation for medical expenses or insurance claims.

If you sense that there is a dispute about who is at fault or liable for damages, consult an attorney experienced in bicycling injury cases.

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