Cycling Safety Tips



SAFETY IN THE SHARROWS  The sharrows are a physical reminder that bicyclists have the same rights to the road as cars, and that it is the safest place for them to be.

Getting Doored: One of the most common bicycling accidents is what is known in the cycling community as “Getting Doored”. When a driver opens a car door in front of oncoming bicyclists, the bicyclists risk hitting the door and falling, or swerving into the travel lane of oncoming cars in an unpredictable manner. All too often, this results in serious injury to the rider and in some cases, death.

By riding on the sharrows, the bicyclist will be clear of the car door zones.

Being Visible: An important part of being safe on a bicycle means being visible to both motorists and pedestrians. If you are a driver turning onto a street from an alleyway or side street, there may not be time to react to the bicyclist speeding by. As a motorist, be sure to make yourself visible before turning out onto the road.

When bicyclists use the sharrows, they will also do their part by becoming clearly visible to motorists and pedestrians. ‘

 Being Squeezed: If you are a rider that enjoys riding close to parked cars, don’t put yourself in the uncomfortable position of  “being squeezed” by passing motorists that want to share the lane with you. Reduce your anxiety of getting squeezed between parked and moving vehicles by riding the sharrows. These will allow passing cars to naturally move around you without impacting traffic flow, and more importantly, give you plenty of space to feel safe.

Steer Clear of Sidewalks: It is illegal to ride your bike on a sidewalk in a business district. Did you know that along much of 4th Street, you can get a ticket for riding on the sidewalk? The reason is that it isn’t safe to mix pedestrians and bicyclists. Too many cases of pedestrians, including small children and the elderly have been hit by bicyclists.


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