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Trial Run of the Daisy Bike Boulevard

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8th July

Members of Long Beach Public Works, the 7th Council District, and the Wrigley Area Neighborhood Association, in partnership with Long Beach Transit, recently conducted a test run along the planned Bike Boulevard on Daisy Avenue. The Daisy Bike Boulevard, which was made possible through a grant from Metro, runs along the same path as the Wrigley Christmas Tree Lane Parade.

In response to concerns that trash trucks and Christmas Parade floats would not be able to navigate traffic circles on Daisy, a Long Beach Transit bus was driven along a segment of the future Daisy Bike Boulevard. Traffic Circles were marked with cones in their planned locations on Daisy Avenue at 25th Street, Burnett Street, and Hill Street.

During the test, the bus (which is over ten feet longer than the city’s trash trucks and fire engines) easily traveled around … Read More »

What is happening with the Separated Bike Lanes on 3rd and Broadway

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27th June

The separated bike lanes on 3rd and Broadway have now been in place for over two years.  What have we learned … and what is next?

The purpose of the separated lanes was to make it safer for both bicyclists and pedestrians in the downtown area and to increase the number of people getting around the downtown area by biking and walking.


What did we find

Based on a study done at the end of 2012 there is a:

33% increase in the number of bike riders using 3rd and Broadway
15% increase in pedestrian traffic

50% decrease in the number of bike related accidents
10% decrease in the volume of traffic on the two streets
10% decrease in traffic speed (from just over 30 mph to under 30 mph)

And perhaps most surprising:

50% decrease in the number of vehicle related accidents…from just under 100/year to just under 50/year.

At the … Read More »

Los Cerritos Channel Bike Path Closed for 6 to 8 Weeks

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21st June

The bike path on the west side of the Los Cerritos Channel between 7th Street and Anaheim will be closed for the next 6 to 8 weeks.  Note..this is not the San Gabriel River Trail…


The reason for the closure is so that LA County can drill a series of monitoring wells that are necessary for the protection of the LA Basin water supply. The wells are designed to detect salt water encroachment from the seaward side of the coast into the LA basin fresh water aquifers.


We requested that the contractor conduct the work over the summer so that the bike path would not be closed during the school year, as this path is widely used by students attending Hill Middle School.

Bike to School at Franklin Middle School

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31st May

Mayor Foster and Councilmember Suja Lowenthal joined Franklin Middle School students and teachers to wrap up National Bike Month with a Bike to School ride.

The Bike to School event was organized to encourage students to safely use their bicycles for means of transportation.  Safe Moves, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to saving children through traffic safety education, organized this ride. Through Safe Moves, Bike Long Beach is providing Safe Routes to School programs to every elementary and middle school student in Long Beach. A federal Safe Routes To School grant supporting this program in Long Beach was recently extended two years through 2014.

For more information, please visit  You may also visit the Mayor’s blog and facebook page for pictures of the event.

Separated lanes in Long Beach…more bike riders…fewer accidents

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12th February

In April 2011 the City of Long Beach installed two one-way protected bikeways (aka cycle tracks) on Broadway and Third Streets, which transect the heart of the downtown area.  The project provides one-way bikeways along the left side of each street, separated from traffic by a parking lane and a raised curb. One traffic lane was removed to accommodate the protected bike lane.  Traffic signals were also modified at most intersections to provide bicycle signals and left turn arrows for vehicle traffic.

The project was a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) demonstration project that required a 12-month “Before” and “After” study to review the effects these changes have had on bicycle, pedestrian, and vehicle conditions along the two streets.

The results of the one year after:

Bike ridership has increased by 33% along the street,
Pedestrian use has increased by nearly 15%,
Bike accidents are down … Read More »

Long Beach…Bike Friendly and the Safest Too

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24th December

Two great articles on Long Beach Bike Safety Campaign in the Long Beach Post and on Streets Blog.

Brian Addison has done a great job of outlining the key elements of the Long Beach Share our Streets campaign in two articles; one in the Long Beach Post and the second in Streets Blog. If you have not seen the particular the one in Streets Blog  we recommend you check them out.

Here  is some of what Brian had to say…

The analysis of these crashes over the past 10 years by Bike Long Beach prove fascinating. According to the numbers, 45% of bike-related crashes are caused by error on behalf of the cyclist, with 35% due to a motorist, and the other 20% undetermined. And the vast majority of these crashes, somewhere around 80%, are due to five main causes:

Cyclist riding on … Read More »

Why I like bike-friendly Long Beach

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21st April

Meet Katie Taylor who moved to Long Beach from Atlanta.  Why did she pick Long Beach for her new hometown?

Over the past several months I’ve had the opportunity to talk to several people who have recently moved to Long Beacc–many in their 20′s and 30′s.  When I ask them why they moved here, a common response is, “I like the feel of Long Beach.  I love to walk and ride my bike.  Walking or riding my bike to a restaurant or a local bar is awesome.”

Katie is one of the talented young women who recently moved to Long Beach.  Her story illustrates why people are seeking out Long Beach and the value of creating both a bicycle-friendly infrastructure and a bike-friendly culture.

Thanks to John Case, founder of the Bikestation, and Drew Reed for producing this video.

Shop Local. Shop by bike at Bixby Knolls Trader Joe’s

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21st April

Tired of fighting traffic? Tired of the parking lot shuffle?  Want to ride your bike to the grocery store, but don’t know how to get those bags full of groceries home?

Check out Trader Joe’s in Bixby Knolls. Ride your bike to the store on Saturdays and the friendly guys from the Pedaler’s Society will take all of your groceries home for free (that is if you live within about a mile of TJ’s).

This program is part of the Long Beach Bike Friendly Business District (BFBD) Program.

Read more about the Bike Saturday program which has been, in part, funded by a small grant from LA County Public Health.


Bike theft & What You Need to Know

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20th April

What do I do if my bike has been stolen?

If your bicycle has been stolen in the City of Long Beach, please follow this link to LBPD’s Online Police Reporting System. Be sure to add a photo and the serial number for your bike. If you do not have the serial number, you can try calling the bike shop where you purchased it to see if they have the number on record. These proofs of ownership are the best way (and in most cases the only way) to retrieve a stolen bike.

Tips for Theft Prevention:

Lock it even when it is in your garage.  Many garages are easy to break into and your bike is a great target.
Register/engrave your bike: We no longer require bike licenses in Long Beach, but that does not mean that your bike should go unregistered or without … Read More »

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