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Minor Construction Activities on the San Gabriel River Trail

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9th April

In the coming weeks you may notice cones and warning signs placed on the San Gabriel Bike Path, just south of the 7th Street overcrossing. Los Angeles County Public Works is conducting activities to improve the levee underneath the bike path. Please exercise caution when passing the cone zone, and be mindful of opposing traffic. This area has a paved shoulder, so there should still be plenty of room for two bicycles to pass one another comfortably.

Green Sharrows: safer for everyone

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7th August

The Green Sharrows on 2nd Street in Belmont shore have been on the ground for over 4 years.  So have we learned?

As you will see from the data below..the Green Sharrows not only helped significantly increase the number of bike riders using this portion of 2nd Street, but they also helped reduce the number of bike related accidents.  And at the same time the number of vehicle on vehicle accidents declined substantially.


The Second Street area of Belmont Shore is a 15 block long commercial area that is located a few blocks inland from the Beach.  The street is populated by small businesses, restaurants and bars. The surrounding area is largely single family residential with a mix of apartments and condos.

The area has always been a popular area to bike and walk.  The area attracts both local residents and visitors.

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Los Cerritos Channel Bike Path Closed for 6 to 8 Weeks

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21st June

The bike path on the west side of the Los Cerritos Channel between 7th Street and Anaheim will be closed for the next 6 to 8 weeks.  Note..this is not the San Gabriel River Trail…


The reason for the closure is so that LA County can drill a series of monitoring wells that are necessary for the protection of the LA Basin water supply. The wells are designed to detect salt water encroachment from the seaward side of the coast into the LA basin fresh water aquifers.


We requested that the contractor conduct the work over the summer so that the bike path would not be closed during the school year, as this path is widely used by students attending Hill Middle School.

Long Beach…Bike Friendly and the Safest Too

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24th December

Two great articles on Long Beach Bike Safety Campaign in the Long Beach Post and on Streets Blog.

Brian Addison has done a great job of outlining the key elements of the Long Beach Share our Streets campaign in two articles; one in the Long Beach Post and the second in Streets Blog. If you have not seen the particular the one in Streets Blog  we recommend you check them out.

Here  is some of what Brian had to say…

The analysis of these crashes over the past 10 years by Bike Long Beach prove fascinating. According to the numbers, 45% of bike-related crashes are caused by error on behalf of the cyclist, with 35% due to a motorist, and the other 20% undetermined. And the vast majority of these crashes, somewhere around 80%, are due to five main causes:

Cyclist riding on … Read More »

Causes of bike accidents in Long Beach — 10 years worth of data

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6th December

As Long Beach becomes more and more bike friendly…and as we get more and more people to bicycle, we are also seeing an increase in the number of bike related accidents.  Through our Share our Streets campaign we have been working to make both bicyclists and motorists more safety aware.  You may have seen our banners…and our bus ads.  Hopefully you have toured our website and looked at many of the safety related tips.

To help make our campaign more effective we want to make people aware of the primary causes of bike related accidents in the city….and to let them know what they can do to be safer as a bicyclist and as a driver.

The number of bike related accidents is increasing – at a rate about equal to the rate of growth in bicycling.

As you can see from … Read More »

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