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Spring & Orange Backbone Project

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4th May

Long Beach Public Works and Development Services are currently conducting outreach for new bicycle facilities on Spring Street and Orange Avenue. The two facilities will form the “backbone” of the bike network, spanning the entire city from east to west, north to south, and connect many of the city’s existing bikeways. Expect to see city staff with project maps, asking for community input at upcoming events. Most recently, city engineers and planners were at the Beach Streets University event sharing the following preliminary conceptual renderings for the project and frequently asked questions:

Why is Spring Street being selected for bike improvements?

The proposed Spring Street Bikeway is part of a larger strategy to construct bikeways in the City as a result of the Bicycle Master Plan, adopted by City Council in February 2017. Routes selected were determined by community input received during plan … Read More »

Marina Drive Receives New Bike Lanes

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8th May

Long Beach Public Works extended another bikeway connection to Orange County this week with the completion of the Marina Drive Slurry Seal Project. Bike lanes had previously existed on Marina Drive between 2nd Street and Studebaker Road, but stopped short of the city limit.

Cyclists can now continue into Seal Beach from Long Beach (and vice versa) with newly striped Class II bike lanes. The project upgraded the roadway with patch and crack sealing work, a new slurry coat of asphalt, and also features a buffer between the bike lane and vehicle lane where Marina Drive curves near its intersection with Studebaker Road.

Check out photos of Marina Drive before, during, and after the project:












The BLB Blog Biannual Built Bikeway Bulletin

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28th June

2014 is halfway gone, and Long Beach Public Works has been busy in the first 6 months adding to the city’s bicycle network. Four projects have added new infrastructure – bringing connections to existing bikeways, schools, and parks.

Carson Street Bike Lanes

Long Beach recently made headlines for having one of the three densest networks of bikeways in the country. That network was created at minimal cost thanks to coordination between resurfacing projects and traffic engineering plans. Each time a street in poor condition is slated for resurfacing, the Traffic Engineering Division assesses whether the road could incorporate bike lanes or any other treatments that make better use of the public’s right of way.

While plans were being drawn up for a resurfacing project on Carson Street, bike lanes were added into the new striping for the refreshed roadway. Engineers … Read More »

Can I really “take the lane????” What the law says…and logic dictates..

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21st August

With more and more sharrows  showing up on the streets of Long Beach you frequently hear people ask “aren’t bicyclists suppose to ride as close to the curb or edge of the road as possible?”

And the answer to that is yes…except….when there are obstacles or the lane is too narrow for a vehicle and a bicycle to travel safely side by side within the lane.

Below is the California Vehicle code that addresses this issue.  The first section of the code is why many people (including some police officers) think that bicyclists are “always” suppose to ride along the edge of the travel lane or roadway.  The second section outlines the exception and explains when bicyclists may use the full lane.

21202. (a) Any person operating a bicycle upon a roadway at a speed less than the normal speed of traffic moving … Read More »

Green Sharrows: safer for everyone

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7th August

The Green Sharrows on 2nd Street in Belmont shore have been on the ground for over 4 years.  So have we learned?

As you will see from the data below..the Green Sharrows not only helped significantly increase the number of bike riders using this portion of 2nd Street, but they also helped reduce the number of bike related accidents.  And at the same time the number of vehicle on vehicle accidents declined substantially.


The Second Street area of Belmont Shore is a 15 block long commercial area that is located a few blocks inland from the Beach.  The street is populated by small businesses, restaurants and bars. The surrounding area is largely single family residential with a mix of apartments and condos.

The area has always been a popular area to bike and walk.  The area attracts both local residents and visitors.

The street … Read More »

What is happening with the Separated Bike Lanes on 3rd and Broadway

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27th June

The separated bike lanes on 3rd and Broadway have now been in place for over two years.  What have we learned … and what is next?

The purpose of the separated lanes was to make it safer for both bicyclists and pedestrians in the downtown area and to increase the number of people getting around the downtown area by biking and walking.


What did we find

Based on a study done at the end of 2012 there is a:

33% increase in the number of bike riders using 3rd and Broadway
15% increase in pedestrian traffic

50% decrease in the number of bike related accidents
10% decrease in the volume of traffic on the two streets
10% decrease in traffic speed (from just over 30 mph to under 30 mph)

And perhaps most surprising:

50% decrease in the number of vehicle related accidents…from just under 100/year to just under 50/year.

At the … Read More »

New bike striping on 2nd Street Bridge

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26th May

Have you ridden from PCH into Belmont Shore in the last few days?  If you have…did you notice the new striping on the Davies Bridge (between Marina Drive and Naples)? If you have not ridden it in the last few days…check it out and let us know what you think.

The City has re-striped the bike lanes on the west bound section of the bridge, adding sharrows , extending the bike lane and putting up new signs.

The reason for the re-striping was to give bicyclists more time to merge into and across the lane that takes cars and bikes off of 2nd street and down onto Appian Way.  And equally let drivers know that bicyclists are merging into the lane and crossing over to the bike lane that continues west bound on 2nd Street.

What is different

At the crest of the bridge sharrows have been … Read More »

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