Volunteers needed for the 2018 Bike Count!

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Click here to volunteer for the Long Beach Bike Count!

The 11th Annual Long Beach Bike Count is taking place on October 18th and 21st. Volunteers can sign up at this link to count cyclists and pedestrians in sixty shifts across the city. This program is one of the longest-running bike counts in the country and relies on volunteers for its success.

Why is the Bike Count important?

City planners and engineers rely on data collected in the bike count to make informed decisions about the city’s transportation network. Counts are conducted before and after new infrastructure projects are constructed to determine the effectiveness and popularity of specific types of bikeways. Bike count data are also used to supplement safety statistics and have enabled the city to engaged in targeted public safety campaigns. For example, collision analyses showed a correlation between wrong-way riding and injury collisions. In areas where the Bike Count showed frequent instances of wrong-way riding, the City deployed banners and signs  to encourage cyclists to ride in the same direction as traffic.

Before the count, please review this training slideshow:


Click these links for your count forms: Compact Forms (2 sheets if printed front and back)

Easy-Read forms (5 sheets if printed front and back)

4 responses to “Volunteers needed for the 2018 Bike Count!”

  1. Lupe V Barragan says:

    Are they paying the volunteers for this project?

  2. Resident says:

    Will these counts be taken into consideration for adding new bike share locations? We could use a bike share location around Broadway and Redondo. This area has lots of foot/bike traffic but no bike share locations within a half mile.

  3. Harvey says:

    Great to see the ongoing efforts to bolster cycle and pedi traffic in Long Beach. Kudos to the volunteers that go unpaid to help our community be a better place.

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